NUI, Galway - Release Schedule for ALL Examination Results in Summer/Second Sitting, 2012/2013


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(i) For PRINTED results, the date given is when the results are posted out - most students should receive them the following day.

(ii) For ONLINE results, the date and time are when results will be available online.

(iii) Release dates/times are being made available as soon as possible. If there is no date/time listed against your course instance, you should check this page until one is listed. All course instances should have a release date/time published several weeks in advance.

(iv) All times on this page are local (Irish) times. This page created on: Friday, 29/04/2016 at: 2:53

If you have queries regarding your exam results, please arrange to meet with your relevant Academic Discipline/School to discuss your results.

*** There are currently no results scheduled to be released for this period and sitting.***