NUI, Galway - Personal Inquiry for Examination Results in Autumn/Second Sitting, 2020/2021

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An ID Number is 8 digits in length, and must be entered with leading zeroes if applicable.


(i): Examination Results (both online and printed) are released on a staggered basis. A full results release schedule is available here.

(ii): Some students may have results withheld because of outstanding fees. If this happens, your results will not display, and you will be advised to contact the NUI, Galway Fees Office.

(iii): For security reasons, the actual results page will expire after a period of 5 minutes. However, to properly ensure that no-one else can view your personal data, you must either press your browser's 'refresh' or 'reload' button to return to the login page, or else close the browser program altogether.

(iv): You should be able to print the results page on any available printer, or save it to disk.

If you have queries regarding your exam results, please arrange to meet with your relevant Academic Discipline/School to discuss your results.