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Academic Year (General): 2018/2019 (2018) Exam Assessment Period: Summer (2)
Academic Year for Exam services
(Timetable and Results):
2018/2019 (2018) Exam Assessment Sitting: First Sitting (1)

Public Services Provided to StaffNotes
These services are available to all. No username or password is required.
Secure Services Provided to StaffNotes
"All Staff" services are available to every member of staff.

Access to any other secure service must be requested by logging a ticket to the NUIG Service Desk. Authorisation may be required from a line manager or head of unit.

To use any secure service, users must authenticate themselves by entering their NUIG username (e.g., 0123456s) and password.

The domain (UDS) is optional. Some users may need to enter this if their browser attemmpts to insert information before the username. In this case, the format is: UDS\username.

Users should only have to authenticate themselves once in a browser session. Depending on how a system is configured, users may not need to authenticate themselves at all: In this scenario, the username and password used to log on to their PC/device are automatically used.

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