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Academic Year (General): 2018/2019 (2018) Exam Assessment Period: Autumn (3)
Academic Year for Exam services
(Timetable and Results):
2017/2018 (2017) Exam Assessment Sitting: First Sitting (1)

Services Provided to StaffService Dates/Notes
NUI, Galway - Module and Instance Information -
NUI, Galway - Academic Structure -
Written Examination Time Tables (General) (Base URL) Available Venues Available Withdrawn
- Semester 1 15/11/2018 12:00:00 --
- Summer 14/03/2019 12:00:00 --
- Autumn 11/07/2019 12:00:00 --

Secure Services Provided to StaffService Notes
Student Search/Student Results To access any secure service, a network username and password are required. The
domain (which should be UDS for all users) is not normally required, although
some users may need to enter this if their browser tries to insert information before
the username. In this case, the format is: UDS\username.

Usernames should always be in the 'standard' NUIG employee ID format, e.g.: 0012345s.

Users should only have to authenticate themselves (enter Username and Password) once in
a given browser session. Depending on browser/PC configuration, some users may not need
to authenticate themselves at all, as the username and password used to log on to their
PC are automatically recognised.

Successful authentication does not mean that all secure services can be accessed.
Users are granted separate access to each secure service.
Exam Paper Tracking
Exam Paper Submission
PAC Administrative Access
PAC NUIG Results Request Log
Personal Exam Time Table Inquiry (Staff Access)
Personal Exam Results Inquiry (Staff Access)
Student IDM Cross-Check
ISS Web Service Users
Exam Activity Dates

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