Academic Structure

This is the NUI, Galway academic structure, as currently used for managing access to ISS Academic Web Staff Services, such as white sheets and exam paper submission. It should not be regarded as either official or complete. Research units and non-academic offices are also included, where users in those units require access to some academic web services.

Units are displayed at up to three levels: For bona fide academic units, these levels are College, School and Discipline. Colleges were previously referred to as Faculties, and Disciplines as Departments. Note that the old terminology is still widely used.

Clicking on any unit will redirect to a page displaying all staff currently assigned to that unit. Not all units listed may have staff assigned to academic web services at present. Note that staff listings are only accessible if you have a valid NUIG staff username and password. You may be asked to supply these when redirecting to a staff list, if the browser is not already aware of your user credentials.

For the white sheets and exam paper submission services, any user attached to a school level unit will automatically have access to all modules controlled by all constituent disciplines of that school.

This is standard mode, with no unit codes displayed, repeating units at different levels removed, and notional external units not displayed. Click here to display this extra information.

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